Hameln Clima Kiste

For our ongoing collaboration with Katrin Legandt and the city of Hameln (Germany) we developed the Clima Kiste concept. The idea is to make inhabitants and visitors aware of climate changes and the rising temperatures of cities. People were invited to spend time in the wooden box to show how greenery will cool them down while visiting the city centre.

Clima kiste on Pferdemarkt
Top view
Green interior with mist spray detail

Visitors were offering a game to make them aware on how they can help changing temperatures in their living areas. From planting more trees to creating shade places and taking out stone pavements.

Signage throughout city of Hameln
Signage directing people to the Clima Kiste

Signage pillars drove people from all around the city to the Clima Kiste. Graphic design: Hanneke Huisman

Box and signage beacons
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