John van Dorst & Esther Visser, The Thirsty Fisherman

Esther and John are professionals with more than 20 years experience in the creative field. Our careers were developed by our responsibilities at the companies we worked for. Nike, Levi’s, …,staat, Concrete, de Bijenkorf and our freelance clients. Our strengths lie in the field of creative direction, branding, visual marketing- and merchandising, design, styling, retail development, windows and events.

We are honest, no-nonsense and realistic. We work for brands, creative agencies and private clients.

Our disciplines

Visual – Concept  – Management

We are not an agency – We are not an advertising agency, architectural practice or design bureau.

We collaborate – With companies, professionals, private clients, architects, brands and ourselves.

We are 2 people – You can hire us both or individual because we have different qualities. We like to work together but sometimes people like to collaborate with one of us. That simple.

We do a lot of different things but like to focus on – Vision creation – Visual concept development – Design management

Our partners – For all other disciplines we connect the right professionals in our network. This is how we work.

Our passion and what we do best

Vision creation & visual concept development

We develop imaginative ideas and like to formulate the right brief with our clients. We like to listen, challenge and keep our eyes and ears open for what fits the assignment. We don’t make huge strategy documents but we try to make it as visual as possible. We suggest new ideas and processes. We like to be the addition to the client team.

Design management & development

We manage projects and keep track of every single step. Creating clarity for everyone who needs to know. We add value by our creative point of view and experience. We sometimes work internally at companies using their resources. We also work in our studio and hire people from our network to get the work done. We like to be the spider in the web connecting all dots together. Being true entrepreneurs.

Our background

Visual merchandising & styling

We make products shine in environments like: stores, hospitality spaces, offices and on-line. Looking at the future of product presentation.

Our partners

Design & copy writing

We surround ourselves by the best designers and architects to make ideas come to life. Our add on team consists of 3D and 2D designers, copywriters & visualizers.

We like to be involved from concept to realisation

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