We are inspired by creative collaborations. We focus on creative concept development, design and management of projects.
The Thirsty Fisherman likes to be involved from concept to creation. From idea to actualization. Everything visual.

Concept development

We develop ideas with a brief from our clients. We like to listen and challenge. We keep our eyes and ears open for what fits the assignment and make our vision as visual as possible.

Visual Merchandising

We make products shine in-store and showrooms as well as in windows and online. Looking at the future of product presentation.


We surround ourselves by the best designers who make ideas come to life. Architects and designers. We believe in crossing the borders of architecture, 3D and 2D design. Creating a setting to communicate the right feeling and atmosphere.

Design management

We manage our projects and keep track of every single step. Creating clarity for everyone who needs to know. We are efficient, see opportunities and work with the best suppliers.